Lillian is an artist and illustrator whose work centers around  being an uncomfortable human, making safe spaces, gender identity, dealing with chronic pain, and things that come from the ground and sky. Though often serious and contemplative in subject matter their multi-media approach is colorful and curious.

They grew up in Teaneck, NJ until age ten when their parents moved the family to Colorado where there is far too much sun. They moved to Seattle for school, and to be gloomy in the rain.  Now in Portland, OR, they still prefer rain to sunshine and get plenty of it.  

They studied art, creative writing, and philosophy at Seattle Pacific University, and spend most of their time drawing at the kitchen table, being a chair for their cat, and walking to the grocery.

They are currently available for freelance and commissions, collaborations, and any wild plans you can throw at them. 



Publications and Exhibitions:

Capitol Hill Artwalk July 2017, Likelihood 

Sonder, Senior Thesis Show, Seattle Pacific University Spring 2017

The Lingua Journal, Winter 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017